• 6 novelas para conocer la discapacidad
    La presencia de personajes con diversidad funcional en series, películas y libros permite que la sociedad entienda mejor la realidad de este colectivo. Analizamos seis obras que abordan la discapacidad visual, la auditiva y la física. Los colectivos minoritarios como las personas con diversidad funcional necesitan hacerse oír, ya sea para reivindicar sus derechos o […]

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  • IAM : un hip hop engagé avec humanité
    Les pionniers du rap français sont de retour avec un nouvel album, "Rimes essentielles". Un cumul de quatre EP autoproduits pendant ces derniers mois de pandémie. À travers leurs écrits, les Marseillais se placent de nouveau dans une position d'observateurs de la société.
  • Suspect 95, dans ta télé
    Rendez-vous avec l’un des fers-de-lance du rap ivoire, Suspect 95. Artiste brillant qui a su se démarquer tant par son sens de l’humour que ses analyses sociétales d’une rare justesse. Il cumule à ce jour plus de 2 millions d’abonnés Instagram, presque un million sur Facebook et des fans dans le monde entier. Dans cet épisode, ce sont la maman de Suspect 95 et Thierry Cham qui offrent les vidéos mystères.
  • Le Paris des Arts d'Anne Roumanoff
    Cette semaine, Anne Roumanoff est l'invitée du "Paris des Arts". Elle nous parle de son dernier seul en scène, "Tout va presque bien !" L'humoriste et comédienne nous emmène visiter une institution parisienne, totalement rénovée après 15 ans de fermeture : la Samaritaine. Rencontre également avec la plasticienne Jenk et son univers coloré peuplé de bonbons.

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  • Security, intimacy and money: why Adele is going to Las Vegas

    Once a place ‘where careers go to die’, in Vegas you can see the big stars up close – and it makes sense for Adele

    Las Vegas shows once conjured images of early-bird dinner specials, corny magicians and Cole Porter standards sung to happily clapping coach parties. But with another of the world’s biggest pop stars signing on to perform in the city, namely Adele, the Vegas concert residency is further cemented as a glamorous and lucrative rite of pop passage.

    Her fourth album, 30, released last month, became the biggest-selling album of the year in the US after just three days on sale. That is the kind of popularity that warrants a stadium tour – indeed, she played to nearly 3 million punters across the 120-show stretch of her previous 2017-2018 world tour.

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  • US author to give away £10,000 prize cash over role of sponsor in opioid crisis

    Investigative reporter Patrick Radden Keefe will give money from business book of the year shortlisting to charity over involvement of McKinsey firm

    The American writer Patrick Radden Keefe has said he will give away the £10,000 he was awarded by a book prize whose sponsor helped to sell the opioid painkiller OxyContin.

    Radden Keefe’s damning investigative book Empire of Pain deals with the opioid addiction crisis, focusing on the role of the Sackler family. He was one of six authors shortlisted for the prize, sponsored by the consultancy McKinsey, five of whom, including him, each received runner-up awards of £10,000.

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  • Stephen Colbert on the US supreme court: ‘We don’t live in a democracy’

    Late-night hosts discussed the attempt to dismantle Roe vs Wade and the latest unhinged Omicron conspiracy theories

    On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert started by discussing one of the week’s biggest stories: the possible dismantling of abortion laws in the US. The supreme court has been discussing the landmark case Roe v Wade, in relation to a Mississippi case brought in front of them. He remarked that “it is looking rough for Roe”.

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  • The obvious answers nobody wants

    New COVID-19 variants keep the international public anxious, and this crisis, permeating all social, economic and political spheres, isn't even in full bloom yet. Although impossible to contain, it also highlights many potential solutions, which had been lying around for a long time without the political will to act upon them. In gearing up for the much bigger turmoil of an ecological nature, we need to stop concentrating on global centres of power, and give more credit to young motivated people.

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  • Riding the rollercoaster

    Since Ukraine's referendum for independence in 1991, the country has seen its fair share of ups and downs. Over the past thirty years, Ukraine artists have been exploring issues of identity amongst the ruins of utopia yet have only recently gained recognition.

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  • Reporting on migrants and refugees in Europe and Asia

    Tune in for a live conversation with journalists on how migration and refugees are represented in India, Thailand and Bangladesh, in contrast with European media trends.

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  • Bahia Mon Amour

    Words Francois Correia

    Bahia is one of those destinations in the world that makes the traveler feel alive. Because this stunning state in Brazil is the best translation of what the country really is ­­– multicultural and welcoming.

  • From $1,400 Into $3.3 Million in Ethereum with a Jpeg [NFT]

    Words TL Team

    Can you believe this!? Today, artist Tyler Hobbs sold Fidenza #313  for 1,000 ETH, or just over $3.3 million at the time of purchase. More surprisingly, the artwork was last sold for only...

  • A Kyoto Spell-bounding Hotel

    Words Francois Correia

    Kyoto is a spell bounding city. I am always thinking of its narrow streets, riverside walks, and the sounds of Kyoto which are just enchanting. My favorite city in the world.

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